Episode 544

544: What Every Community Solar Developer Needs to Know About the IRA, Presented by Perch Energy

Published on: 29th November, 2022

Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday on SunCast, where we bring you subject-matter expertise, deep insights, and content from our many live broadcasts and trainings. Today's episode is rebroadcast from the RE+ PowerUp Media Zone, a live production of SunCast Media.

The Media Zone featured interviews with industry thought leaders, executives and founders to glean their insights about trends and forecasts. Bruce Stewart, president and CEO of Perch Energy, a clean energy tech services platform and provider of community solar services, leads this discussion on what every community solar developer needs to know about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022. He speaks with three solar notables to gain their insights from accounting, banking and legal perspectives:

  1. Tony Grappone is a partner in the Andover, Massachusetts, office of Novogradac. He provides accounting, tax and consulting services to developers, syndicators and investors of developments that qualify for federal and state tax incentives. 
  2. Adam Altenhofen is a senior vice president of U.S. Bank's Environmental Finance Group, where he leads the development of new products, structures, and services.
  3. Bryan Didier is a partner at Leverage Law Group in Leawood, Kansas, where his specialties include Renewable Energy Tax Credits.

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